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Highway Department

Hours: 6:30AM - 3:00PM
Monday - Friday
24 County Route 105
Highland Mills, NY 10930
Phone: (845) 928-6912
Fax: (845) 928-7475
E-mail: highway@

For up-to-date information on road construction/closures as well as any upcoming events that the Town of Woodbury may be hosting.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Highway Department
Robert Weyant, Superintendent of Highways
Sheila Beadle,
Conf. Secretary to the Town Supt. of Hwy.

About Our Department
The Office of Highway Superintendent involves a great variety of different responsibilities under various statutes. However, the basic powers and duties are found in Section 140 of the NYS Highway Law as summarized below:

  1. Responsible for the care of Village roads.
  2. Responsible for keeping all roads free from obstructions caused by snow.
  3. Responsible for dividing the Village into as many sections as may be necessary for the proper maintenance and repair of Village roads and the opening of Village roads obstructed by snow.
  4. Responsible for constructing and repairing sluices and culverts and cause all waterways, bridges and culverts to be kept open.
  5. Responsible for erecting the monuments to be used as the boundaries of Village roads and to maintain/renew the monuments as needed.
  6. Responsible for measuring all Village Roads and report which roads have been surfaced with gravel, crushed stone, and those shaped and crowned; and the total mileage of all Village roads.

The Superintendent of Highways is elected and has a two-year term. He has one Deputy Superintendent, one part-time secretary, and twelve machine equipment operators who work under his direction.

For more detailed information on our services, please call during regular business hours at 845-928-6912 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Highway Department responsible for?
Highway services generally include:

  • Construction, repair, and reconstruction of roads, bridges and culverts.
  • Maintenance of road signs and markings.
  • Snow plowing and ice control.
  • Organic recycling (leaf bags and brush).
  • Maintenance of shoulders and roadside areas.
  • Maintenance of all department vehicles and equipment.
  • Project planning and design (new and maintaining existing infrastructure).

Is the Highway Department responsible to replace mailboxes during inclement weather?
Under NYS Highway Law 319, the Highway Department is NOT responsible for replacing mailboxes or any other obstruction that may have gotten damaged by the snow removal process. To help reduce the possibility of damage, Please refer to USPS specifications regarding a properly placed mailbox. Link is located on side bar.

Does the Highway Department operate on weekends?
Normal hours of operation are Monday- Friday from 6:30am to 3:00pm. If there is an emergency, please call the Police Department at (845) 928-2341. The Superintendent of Highways does meet with residents in the evenings and on weekends, By Appointment Only.

Is the Highway Department responsible for street lights?
No the Highway does not maintain the street lights within the Town. Below is the link to report a street light problem directly to Orange and Rockland Utilities or call the Highway Department and we can report the problem on your behalf. Please note that the two 5 digit numbers located on each pole are necessary for reporting street light problems.

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