131 exchange 1                                                    131 exchange 5


131 exchange 4



Giuliana JDS                   JDS 11 18                  JDS10 18 2                 JDS 8 18 3         

  Giuliana Burek                                   Marco Carcaterra                                   Izabella Rodriquez                         Madison Mercogliano

   December 2018                                 November 2018                                       October 2018                                      August 2018


JDS 7 18 2                JDS 6 18 2                JDS 5 18 2                       JDS 4 18 2

       Maxwell Salvo                                        Benjamin LaSala                                 Rohan Sonakya                                  Aaron Jeffrey Torres

           July 2018                                                June 2018                                            May 2018                                             April 2018




JDS 3 18 2                          JDS 2 18 2                           JDS 1 18 2

          Noa Synder                                                    Aarez Funaro                                                      Gabriel Ramos

          March 2018                                                    Febuary 2018                                                       January 2018






Our Town Hall is moving to a new location!



Building Dept


CLICK HERE to download the new, REVISED 2018 Garbage and Recycling schedule.

As you know, pick-ups are now automated. Please use the new County Waste carts. These containers (known as TOTES) have been delivered to each family in the Refuse District.

Keep all containers at curbside, not in the road, and remove them the same day.

PLEASE NOTE: The cart with the BLACK LID is for Trash. The cart with the GREEN LIDis for ALL YOUR RECYCLABLES.

For more information about the new Single Stream Recycling program, CLICK HERE or visit www.simplegreenlids.com.

Thank you for your cooperation.

This is a friendly reminder that a Pooper Scooper Law is in effect. Tickets will be issued!


CLICK HERE to download advice on preventative measures for keeping black bears away, what to do when you encounter a black bear, how to report bears going into trash bins and the Woodbury Police phone.