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Woodbury Composting Flyer

 Clara Rivera
 Refuse & Recycling

phone icon (845) 928-7578 ext. 1242
fax icon (845) 928-8697
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home icon 615 Route 32
     PO Box 1004
     Highland Mills,   NY 10930

  Office Hours are: M-Th 10:00am - 1:00pm & F 11:00am - 2:00pm

Dear Resident:

The Town of Woodbury and County Waste work closely to ensure the residents of the Town have a safe, sustainable, and clean community.  We would like to take a moment and share some information as it relates to Refuse & Recycling:

  • Receptacles used must be from County Waste, three (3) in total.  County Waste will not pick-up personal bins.
  • Receptacles to be picked up must placed at the curb and not in the driveway.
  • The refuse schedule is as follows: 
    • Recycling (Green Lid) - Wednesdays for all residents.
    • Garbage (Black Lid) -
      • Tuesdays if you live West of Route 32.
      • Fridays if you live East of Route 32. 
  • Please do not have parked vehicles blocking your receptacles.
  • Also, please do not leave extra garbage or recycling waste next to receptacles.
      • Cardboard must be broken down and inside of recycling receptacle.
  • Residents are entitled 1 bulk item per week.  However, it needs to be called in at least 24 hours prior to pick-up day.  The pick-up day falls on your regularly scheduled garbage day. 
      • Call 845-928-7578, ext. 1242 Refuse Dept.
      • Large bulk must be dissembled or broken down into pieces in order to be picked up.  
  • Do not place lawn/yard brush, dirt, construction/demolition materials out for pick-up.   County Waste does not pick-up this type of refuse.
      • If you have lawn/yard brush - please call the Village Highway Dept. at 928-6912, ext. 53.
      • Construction/demolition can be disposed in different ways.  You can call the Refuse Dept. for further details.
  • Collection Hours: All material must be placed out, at the curb, the evening before your scheduled collection day, as collection can begin very early in the morning.

Per the Village of Woodbury Code:  Removal of receptacles from curbs/streets not later than 24 hours after collection. Penalties for violation of this article shall be as follows:

(1) $50.00 for 1st violation, $100 for 2nd Violation, & $250 3rd and further violations.

If there are additional questions regarding your scheduled service day or any other inquiries, please call the Refuse Department at (845) 928-7578, ext. 1242.


The Town of Woodbury Refuse Department